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Who We Are

Filidian Rural Bank of Antipolo, Inc., also known as FILIDIAN BANK was approved for operation by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Department of Rural Bank on
July 24, 1996 and has opened its door to the banking public on May 21, 1997.


The Bank commits to reach out unbanked and underbanked sector and make it more accessible to meet the growing financial needs of the nation.  With the right combination of technology infrastructure, continuing skills enhancement programs, and commitment to the Bank’s mission, vision and core values, Filidian Bank is focused to help more people attain better financial security and to contribute to the country’s economic development and social progress.

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To be client-centric, by providing flexible financial products, with efficient and personalized banking services. To adopt to changes in unprecedented times and execute seamlessly. To use technology to advance our reach.

To provide employment that attracts and retains the highest quality staff and foster positive working relationships; To prepare our employees, through staff development and training for leadership of the bank.

Vision Statement

To commit our resources to nationwide progression, by providing people and SME’s in the different communities with monetary resources to grow their businesses, build their homes, and address their personal needs.

To operate in a safe and prudent manner complying with good banking practices and adherence to all regulatory prescriptions. To fulfill our role of fiduciary responsibility through safekeeping of depositor monies and conservation of stockholder’s foundation.